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Refabric Pro revolutionizes e-commerce with intelligent automation and interactive AI, turning vast product data into engaging shopping experiences. Elevate your online storefront with our suite of solutions designed to simplify, enhance, and personalize the fashion retail journey.

Attribute Automation & Description Dynamics

AI tags apparel features, crafts descriptions, and auto-syncs them to e-commerce sites for updated product listings.

Smart Basket Recommendations
& Shop the Look

Shop the Look AI recommends add-ons, Smart Basket offers sold-out substitutes—both enhancing cart size and sales.

Upcoming E-commerce Solutions in 2024

Upcoming E-commerce Solutions in 2024

Attribute Automation

Automatically detect and document attributes, generating comprehensive Excel reports.

Description Dynamics

Create and compile detailed fashion descriptions in bulk with Excel output.

Visual Search Interface

Integrate AI-powered visual search capabilities through a robust API.

E-commerce Fashion Bot

Assist customers in finding and virtually trying on fashion items through a conversational AI bot.

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