Refabric Basic

Step into the future of fashion. Crafted as an AI fashion assistant, Refabric effortlessly transforms your ideas into unique designs in just a few minutes. Whether you’re a fashion professional or a style enthusiast, get ready to bring your concepts to life with perfect fashion designs.

Text to Design Magic

Shape your dream designs with words. Enter your prompts, visualize your fashion creations.

Prompt Assistant

Wondering how to optimize your design prompts effectively? Our Prompt Assistant will always be there to assist you.

No Language Barriers with AI+ Translator

Express your creativity without language barriers. With the AI+ Translator feature, effortlessly bring your designs to life in any language.

Image to Design Magic

Shape your designs with your images. Drawing inspiration from the images you provide, it offers diverse design alternatives, expanding your imagination.

Diversify Your Patterns

Upload your inspirational pattern to generate captivating and distinctive pattern design variations.


Within the Explore section, a fashion design pool curated with Refabric eagerly awaits you. Utilize it as either a prompt or a source of visual inspiration.

Create Design Variations

In just a few minutes, it transforms your original design into various new and appealing variations. Enhance your creative expression with the agility of swift and inventive designs.

Zoom Out

Widen your perspective and view your designs in a broader context with the Zoom Out feature.

Private Design Sessions

If you don’t want others to see your designs, use the Private Session feature and keep them exclusively visible to you.

Experience the magic of your AI fashion design assistant.

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